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12Nov 2021

Lloyd’s Builders undertaking renovation work of PRABHA apartment 30 years-old-flat in Kozhikode city (Description of works included on the read more page)

Lloyd’s Builders undertaking renovation work of PRABHA apartment 30 years-old-flat in Kozhikode city

INDUSTRIAL WORK – Modifying and re-fixing of main gate with main name board without letters, ,Procuring and fixing of pedestrian gate for waste removal area ,Fix the mesh and roofing sheet –transformer   ,Damaged duct covering with new 8mm v-board sheet ,Terrace top roofing truss work-16kg GI tube ,3.5 roof sheet ,Lobby- doors and window aluminium fabrication works Construction of security cabin covering 8mm v-board sheet , Lobby stair bottom covering and door 8mm v-board sheet , Lobby parking passage covering to 8mm v- board sheet ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING WORK – Electrical work at name board panel and exterior, ,Electrical cables to be placed underground Coordination with KSEB by the party ,Replacing of damage pipes-plumbing work ,Procuring and fixing of light fixtures –entrance ,Fixing of name board panel sheet ,Concrete ring underground tank to prevent future overflowing ,Outside single line water pipe connection work ,Well treatment with seating and pergolas GI tube without roof sheet CIVIL WORKS – Constructing the wall –waste separation Wall 400cmx150cm, Constructing the pillars size-30×30 for main gate(concrete), Refixing all raised slabs to ground level, Concrete slab for well -closing half, Cleaning of compound wall and plastering, Constructing of small toilet block (120×150) tiles ,plumbing ,electrical ,accessories, Constructing the boundary wall at back side, Ground earth filling and leveling approximately, Exterior walls repair concrete and plastering works approximately, Painting all exterior walls and interior common areas and compound wall sasian paints apex premium one coat primer and two coat paint, Laying floor tiles the conference room, Laying floor granite the lobby 100sqft, Supply and laying of interlock blocks entire area mixed with old blocks already laid, Constructing the masonry work electrical room, Lift elevator room ceiling and pillar plastering, Lobby and conference room plain gypsum work, electrical works without cove, Lift wall tile laying 80sqft, Pipe duct bottom side concrete work,

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